urmia historical bazaar

Urmia historical bazaar

Urmia Bazaar is an archival complex and due to its historical texture, has always been one of the favorite destinations for foreign and domestic tourists. This bazaar dates back to Safavid Dynasty which has still kept its lively environment and functionality. Stepping into the bazaar is just like as you open a window that takes you back to a few hundred years ago where this bazaar was the main place for business and transaction. Each part of Urmia Bazaar follows a certain style and the remnant represents the architectural taste of the various period. 1000 shops with different functions, 7 large arcades, 5 old baths and a mosque with 5000 square meters along with some other units have made this complex as one of the most valuable bazaars in Iran and mostly in Urmia. Before the advent of mechanical life, this bazaar was the main trading center and the major activity was to import oil from Caucasus to Khoy Bazaar and then to Urmia Bazaar, using camel. With the influence of industrial revelation and modern life, many parts of the bazaar, especially the commercial part were destroyed, but some parts are under renovation now. The general plan of the bazaar is in shape of an incomplete rectangle and covers an area of 60000 square meters.