Kashan ancient Iranian culture

Kashan is where you can dive into ancient Iranian culture


TEHRAN – Atmospheric spaces, rosewater, textiles, rugs, delicious dishes, and above all, hospitable people are some famous examples to describe Kashan in central Iran. The delightful oasis city is famed for numerous architectural masterpieces, a photogenic bazaar, and many old traditional houses some of which transformed into cozy boutique hotels where sightseers may feel the traditional lifestyle.

Kashan is situated neighboring the route of travelers who are on their way to Isfahan, Shiraz, Tehran, and probably Yazd hereinafter. Moreover, it is a gateway to many sights, stories, and surrounding attractive villages to discover.

Its lavishly-decorated traditional houses, particularly Brujerdi, Tabatabai, Ameri, and Abbasi house, feature incredible architecture, which certainly will enchant every visitor! Furthermore, the Sultan Mir-Ahmad public bathhouse is also a recommendable destination to see; its tile work, stucco, and ceiling lights are breathtaking.

Don’t forget to roam through the domed bazaar, where you can find loads of Kashani traditions and souvenirs, like the rosewater which they sell anywhere. In addition, the best reason for coming here is the magnificent ceilings within the centuries-old marketplace.

Need some rest? Escape the city and go to the greenish Fin Garden, which is believed to be the epitome of Eden. Persian gardens are made-up to illustrate heaven! Natural springs, turquoise, fountains, and geometric designs dominate the peaceful garden and its beautiful bathhouse complex.

The modest yet amazing Agha Bozorg Mosque is the best example of an Islamic structure to visit in Kashan. This place of worship is well-known for its symmetrical design. Next for being in use as a mosque, it is a madrasa too! To be specific, a theological school.

Rosewater distillation ceremonies, which Kashan is highly famed for, draw visitors who want to enjoy the spirit of full-bloom flower farms, socialize with the locals, visit abundant historical sites, and see how rosewater is traditionally made from harvesting stage to steaming damask rose petals either at homes or gardens. The distillation of flowers and herbs has a deep history in Iran. Many believe traditionally-distilled rosewater is of higher quality than that produced in factories probably due to shorter time intervals between the harvest and distillation practices. Golab or rosewater is a fragrant distillate of Mohammadi roses, which is used in dishes to flavor them or being consumed as a religious perfume as well.

Kashan embraces an archaeological gem as well; its Tepe Sialk has yielded interesting pottery pieces, metal tools, and domestic implements made from stone, clay, and bone that date from as early as the 4th millennium BC. Excavation projects at the site began in 1933 by a Louvre delegation led by Ghirshman… capping with a most recent project in 2009, which was led by Hassan Fazeli-Nashli, a faculty member of the Archaeology Department, University of Tehran. According to the Louvre, the oldest levels document the occupation of the Iranian plateau from the Neolithic to the Chalcolithic over more than two millennia. Then, around 3000 BC, the site is integrated into the vast cultural area called Proto-Elamite during which specific writing appears.

The UNESCO-designated Abyaneh, also called the red-stone village, is situated around 90 km southward of Kashan. The ancient village is known for its gorgeous architecture, traditional clothing specifically from the inhabitants, and its old dialect of Persian that dates from the Sassanid era. Abyaneh is truly a living piece of history. Its people’s ways of life and traditions have survived almost unchanged for hundreds of years. It would be an unforgettable day trip from Kashan.

Consider having a day trip to the serene Maranjab which is one of the best accessible deserts in Iran to get into. Explore the high dunes by camel,  just wander around, pitch a tent, enjoy the sunrise, or wait till sunset and the hereinafter star heaven. The desert inspires everyone!